Fixed Fee per month

Amber Studios is not a live dealers’ platform. We are a provider of the dedicated and tailor-made studios for live casino platforms as well as a provider of branded studios and tables for iGaming operators. We are totally focused in building custom studios and ensuring all day to day operations and creating unique promotions. 

Who Amber Studios actually is:

  • Amber Studios is fully legally licensed & regulated live dealers branded tables and studios provider in Latvia and holds Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection license.
  • A team of professionals with more than 20 years overall experience in iGaming and live dealer games
  • Experience and professionalism in every aspect of live casino studio: video streaming, studios equipment, studios design & environment, live dealers hiring and academy
  • The studios are located in Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia.
  • Clients: Our clientelle includes B2B live dealer games providers (live casino platforms) and B2C iGaming operators
Fixed Fee per month

Outsourced live dealer studios for every live casino provider?

Every now and then we get a usual - "so how much does it cost to run one blackjack table with Amber Studios"? Rarely questions like these sparks further interest or even a deeper discussion into the economics of the quoted price. Especially with non-professionals of live casino business - which are the overwhelming majority. The pros of the business are like a unique diamond - are very rare and well sought after by the major providers.

Well, the thing is that only these professionals know and understand the ins and outs of running the studio. Especially the costs of running live casino studio:

  • hiring, educating and keeping the dealers (not to mention to keep them smiley and happy);
  • sourcing, negotiating and equipping the studios with the right set of cameras, servers, tables, cables, air conditioning, background walls, microphones, etc.;
  • hiring the bookkeepers, managers, customer support and floor operations, cleaners, equipment maintainers, sound and visual professionals, highly skilled (and paid) IT team;
  • finding the property + negotiating the rent + ;

and, this might as well be the most difficult part of it - keeping the business legal and tax clean - meaning that the studios keep their operations running 24/7 like a well-played orchestra.

Well, we guess you get the idea, right? And after you have juggled with all the variables of the equation - try to make sure it's not that you've just checked all the checkboxes, but this whole orchestra plays coordinates symphony and plays it well.

That brings me back to the question: are outsourced dedicated live dealers’ studio for every live casino provider? Well, not really.

If you understand the economics (and, let's be frank, all the troubles associated with that as well) of running the studios - you know you'd better concentrate on developing your games, UI + UX, your platform, your clientele and essentially building the overall value of your business. Instead of wasting your energy, focus on studio funding.

If you and your business partners understand that - then outsourced studios are for you. If you have a business mindset and ready to explore how you can make your live casino business run smoother and more efficiently - then it's time for us to talk.

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